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RecipeML™ Recipe Markup Language Reaches Version 0.5

Washington, DC (GCA's XML 2000 Conference), December 5, 2000: FormatData announces the release of the RecipeML recipe markup language version 0.5 to the public. RecipeML, formerly known as DESSERT, is an application of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) being developed as a universal format for recipe storage, exchange and manipulation by computer. FormatData expects individuals, restaurants, food manufacturers and both electronic and print publishers to use the language to store, exchange, and publish recipe content.

Use of the RecipeML language will be free to any individual or organization. For more information on RecipeML, visit

Partners Help to Advance Specification

An Ad Hoc group has formed to help develop the RecipeML format. FamilyTime, who runs the web site, partnered with FormatData in August, 2000.

"RecipeML will give us the flexibility to move recipes easily to the end consumer's kitchen." Says Pat Kohler of FamilyTime. "Our ultimate goal is to make it easy to transfer ingredients from recipes directly to the consumer's shopping list. With this technology on a hand-held computing device like a PDA or Web-enabled phone, the 'heroic mom' can make better use of her shopping time. Implementing RecipeML is the first step in this process."

TurboChef, makers of Internet-connected cooking equipment and Recipezaar, an ASP and maker of recipe web site software have joined forces with FamilyTime and FormatData. The RecipeML group is looking to expand and include new partners, especially in the print publishing and foodservice industries. Contact FormatData or visit the RecipeML web site to participate in the development process.

About FormatData

FormatData is a private concern started in 1998 to create and promote structured data formats for the storage and exchange of information used by a broad range of industries and user communities.

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About FamilyTime

FamilyTime operates a web site that provides the user with online household organization, menu planning, and money-saving applications, as well as advice from home organization and cooking experts on how to best run a household.

Contact Pat Kohler at (203) 222-6532, fax: (203) 221-7629, or email: Visit FamilyTime at

About TurboChef

TurboChef is the world leader in digital kitchen technology. Its proprietary rapid-cook platform cooks faster than a microwave and produces results superior to a conventional oven. The Internet based connectivity is facilitated by an always-on web-pad and represents the future operating system of the digital kitchen.

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About Recipezaar

Recipezaar’s mission is to build The World's Smartest CookbookSM. Recipezaar provides thousands of recipes organized into hundreds of categories, each with complete nutritional information, indexed into the fastest recipe search engine on the web. Recipezaar also licenses their recipe content and powerful web site software to companies interested in having recipe functionality on their site, completely customized to their own look and feel.

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