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RecipeML Document Type Definition

The latest version of RecipeML is 0.5. You can download the DTD by clicking the link below the change history.

CHANGE HISTORY: latest version, 4 November 2000
  4 November 2000:
NEW: Version 0.5
Change: renamed DESSERT document element to recipeml
Change: renamed tools element to equipment and tool-div element to equip-div
Change: eliminated action-recipe, action-body, act-step elements
Change: removed action-recipe from content models of recipeml and menu
Change: <!ELEMENT directions (dir-div+ | (note*, step, (note | step)*))> changed to:
     <!ELEMENT directions (dir-div+ | ((note | ing)*, step, (note | ing | step)*))>
     and similar changes in dir-div content model
Add: New parameter entity: %measure.class; ('amt | time | temp')
Change: added %measure.class; to %step.class; entity, action, condition, setting,
     description, note, modifier, prep, and ing-note element content models
Change: removed amt and time from modifier and prep content models
Change: added %inline.class; to %step.class; entity
Change: removed frac from %step.class; entity
Change: added ingref to %step.class; entity
Change: removed ingref from step and substep elements
Add: New parameter entity: %ing.cont;
Change: ing and alt-ing elements now defined using %ing.cont;
Change: added range to content models of tool, toolref, ingref, and exchange
Change: added size to content models of tool, toolref, and ingref
Change: added %measurement.att; to amt element (adds system= attribute)
Change: added duration= attribute to step, substep, and dir-div elements
Change: added authority= attribute to diet-exchanges element
Change: commented out %misc.class; entity declaration due to the fact that extension and
     syntax-error are still not yet implemented
  26 September 2000:
NEW: Version 0.35
Change: "Imperial" value added to list of system= attribute values (see %measurement.att; parameter entity)
Change: range added to content model of yield element
Change: size? added to end of content model of amt element
Fix: Content model of size element is now a mixed content model (includes #PCDATA)
Add: New element: ing-note
Change: ing-note added to content model of ing element
  29 August 2000:
NEW: Version 0.3
Change: "section" elements: tool-section, ing-section, dir-section now renamed to tool-div,
     ing-div, and dir-div. Also, %section.att; parameter entity renamed to %div.att;.
Change: recipe-narrative now renamed to action-recipe. Also, renamed narrative-body to
     action-body and n-step to act-step.
Change: added system= attribute (measurement system) to menu, recipe, and action-recipe elements.
Cosmetic: converted all tabs (#x09) to spaces
Cosmetic: inserted hard returns to wrap some long lines
  15 February 2000:
Fix: missing closing ">" in ATTLIST declaration for unit element -- added
Fix: FTP link above was pointing to older copy of DESSERT.DTD -- fixed
  9 January 2000:
Cosmetic: shortened some comment lines
Cosmetic: fixed PUBLIC identifier in header comment block
Fix: changed value of version= attribute in DESSERT element to "0.2"
  2 January 2000:
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